Domestic/Sexual Abuse

The course targets beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that support the subjectification, manipulation, and abuse of a member of one group by a member of another group. Victim safety and participant accountability are maintained as top priorities. In this course, participants are expected to focus on their use of violence and abuse and to take responsibility for their abuse.

Course Information

This is a self-paced, online 8 hour course, containing 8 modules. Each module is 1 hour long. Participants must complete the module requirements sequentially before proceeding to the next module.


Program Goals

  • Motivation to change.
  • Acceptance of responsibility for their abuse.
  • Self-awareness and knowledge of abuse.
  • Understanding of the thoughts/beliefs that contribute to abuse.
  • Awareness of the impact of their abuse.
  • Ability to change their abusive behavior and problem thinking patterns.
  • Ability to identify high risk situations and to manage these non-abusively in the future.