Theft and Shopping

In this course, we dive-deep into why people shoplift and steal. We expose the underlining issues that may cause kleptomania or compulsive stealing. We also offer solutions that our clients can use immediately after leaving class.

Course Information

This is a self-paced, online 8 hour course, containing 8 modules. Each module is 1 hour long. Participants must complete the module requirements sequentially before proceeding to the next module.

Program Goals

  • Address underlining issues that trigger the impulse to steal.
  • Evaluate the strategies and tools that shoplifters and thieves use.
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence to promote recovery.
  • Gain relapse prevention strategies to assist you from re-offending.
  • Learn how to develop self-awareness, know triggers, and avoid criminal behavior.
  • Gain deeper insight into the addiction by evaluating assessments and learning about the different types of shoplifters.